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What’s Here

This blog reflects my interests which include Technology, Science, Computing (Windows, NET, C#), Politics & Philosophy , Art (Books, Movies, Poetry and Music), Sports and Business & Investing. My views are eclectic- some people describe themselves as being middle of the road. I describe myself as swerving all over the road but, on average, being left of center.

This blog contains things that I’ve authored or that I recommend: Factoids, commentary, rants, essays, how-to’s, pics, videos, etc. It also contains things of interest to my friends and family: Information on the family web services (email, ftp site, web site); family history, timelines, and pictures, videos, and a friends and family database.

Navigating this site:  The content of this site is tagged by topic (e.g. Politics, Science), type of article (e.g educational), format (text, video, etc) and age. Some of the content is password protected. Send me an email if you’d like the password.